Horse-Doggin’: The Morrell Archives Volume 1, by Dave Morrell

Title: Horse-Doggin’: The Morrell Archives Volume 1

Author: Dave Morrell

Publisher: self-published

Publication Date: May 20, 2014

Horse Doggin 5-20


It’s hard not to envy Dave Morell. In this first of a promised of series of books detailing his experiences as he came of age in the music biz, he tells a tale that anyone who collects records and idolises rock ‘n’ roll can relate to and admire. A typical kid from New Jersey, his fixation with music and the Beatles in particular made him a celebrity of sorts in his hometown, landing him guest shots on the radio where he was allowed to share his obsession, and later, an opportunity to start a homegrown business of sorts dealing in Fab Four memorabilia. For some that might have been enough, but the fact that his endeavors actually led to an actual opportunity to hang out with John Lennon turns the book into something more than a mere memoir and more like a kind of Cinderella story with a rock ‘n’ roll twist. So while Horse-Doggin’ is a quick read at only 95 pages, Morrell’s breathless narrative and the awe and excitement that he captures along the way make this such a wholly fascinating read from the first word to the last. After all, who wouldn’t want to share the kind of life that finds dreams literally coming true?

In time, Morrell actually lands a record company job which allows him to go to gigs and meet even more of his idols. “I was now working on the weekends and enjoying every minute of it,” he writes. “In February it was raining free tickets to all who wanted to attend.” With the music industry now in such sharp decline such scenarios rarely happen to anyone anymore. Yet being this was the ‘70s, happenstance and good fortune made for prime possibilities. Morrell’s only 20 by the time the book comes to an end, but it’s clear further reflections and revelations await. With future volumes still to come, Morrell succeeds in baiting both our waiting and anticipating.


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