Holy Other – With U

January 01, 1970

(Tri Angle Records)




In woozy synth swells and
mangled vocal samples, Holy Other’s With
EP plays like warped house vinyl, each somber moment unrolling at a
snail’s pace. The Manchester, UK-based producer’s debut for NYC’s hip Tri Angle
Records is dense, uncomplicated beat music — there aren’t significant melodic
shifts to speak of, nor are there grandiose, unexpected bridges. Instead, With U affects in its soft, dewy
textures and creepy pitched-down voice bits.


Holy Other’s With U is riddled with looped, elongated
notes and pillowy rushes of chords on tracks like “Touch,” where
clinks and reverberating grooves help position all of this neatly alongside
other Tri Angle releases such as Balam Acab’s deep, forward-looking See Birds EP. These five tracks follow a
handful of similarly atmospheric Holy Other pieces that have been widely
circulated on the Web. Transparent issued a two-songer in late 2010, and B-side
“Yr Love” also landed on With U.


Like most of the EP,
“Yr Love” swings sluggishly. It’s wordless save for tight-edited
vocal samples that are barely given room to fully register, while airy synths
cushion the gurgling line in the background, filling out the track as it
evolves. The combinations are just as dark and beautiful with complete vocal
lines, as a comely Asobi Seksu remix will demonstrate, but maybe this is what
sets With U apart from the cast that
writers have somehow worked into hype reports for Holy Other’s tunes.


Asobi Seksu – Trails (Holy Other Remix) by HOLY OTHER


Connections to a more derivative brand of R&B admirers out there is
baseless for more than one reason. Primarily, no one stands in front of a mic
for With U. Instead of overtly sleazy
lyrics and cheap 90s knockoffs, this intimate, muggy-evening sound is open for
interpretation, as if we’re to piece it together like code, finishing the
sample-stiched sentences that aren’t quite allowed to progress on the EP. In
this age of over-simplification and the misguided tendency toward condensing
and dumbing down every goddamned thing possible, With U feels fresh, new and mysterious.



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