HOLY FOLK – Motioning

Album: Motioning

Artist: Holy Folk

Label: Silver Side Productions

Release Date: June 11, 2013

Holy Folk



Being that their name sounds something like an expletive (“Holy Folk!), it might have been better if they had called themselves the Freak Folk instead. Granted, that’s a generic term, but given the foursome’s ability to alter the template and casually sway through a loose motif, it’s clear this band isn’t necessarily bound by tradition. A collaborative effort combining the talents of four principal songwriters, Holy Folk make a sound that varies from supple to striking, while varying the tone and the tempo accordingly. Unfortunately, that doesn’t help the unaware gain an easy handle on their MO, but it does make for a certain unpredictability that provides added appeal.

Songs like “How Many Ways,” “Jump the Rails” and the snappy “We Are Two” inject a subtle touch of whimsy and an air of effervescence that keep these proceedings light and frothy throughout. The only exceptions come with the darker designs of “The Good Life” and the remorseful strains that accompany “Hazards of the Sea.” Holy Folk, this is an impressive introduction, and Motioning offers every indication that further delights will follow.

DOWNLOAD: “How Many Ways,” “Jump the Rails,” “We Are Two”

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