Album: Forever

Artist: Holograms

Label: Captured Tracks

Release Date: September 03, 2013




 Forever, the second LP from Holograms, sounds like the product of dudes who religiously watched 120 Minutes, read The Big Takeover and pored through the multiple volumes of Trouser Press Record Guide when they were young. Big guitars ring, basslines thrum vigorously, drums crack with occasional explosions and Anton Spetze wails like Robert Smith after a bad breakup. The Swedish quartet doesn’t shy away from showing off its influences – pre-”Let’s Go to Bed” Cure, the Comsat Angels, the Chameleons, the Sound – but makes the most of its fandom, leveraging its enthusiasm for postpunk arena rock for all it’s worth.

 Holograms plays the dissonance-marbled “Wolves,’ the groovy “Luminous” and the shed-ready “Flesh and Bone,” “A Blaze On the Hillside” and “Laughter Breaks the Silence” not as Xeroxes for the imagination-impaired, but as eager homages powered by the excitement of sharing true love. Derivative? Sure. But also blissfully compelling and entertaining.

 DOWNLOAD: “A Blaze on the Hillside,” “Wolves,” “Laughter Breaks the Silence”

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