Holly Golightly and the Brokeoffs – Sunday Run Me Over

January 01, 1970





If the title of this
latest opus by Holly Golightly and her collaborator “Lawyer” Dave (who goes
under the moniker of the Brokeoffs for recording purposes) seems somewhat
askew, it also serves as a precursor to the music borne within. Despite the
fact she earned her apprenticeship in the service of Billy Childish and his
band, and later absorbed the influence of Jack White (whose she adapted for her
pairing with “Lawyer” Dave), Holly’s been an independent practitioner since
early on. In the past, her music’s run the gamut — from garage punk to jazz,
country to blues, all laced with pure pop along the way.


True to form, the
duo’s latest seems intent on leaving the listener guessing, its murky
arrangements and old school suggestion focused on an archaic essence. Holly’s
pinched vocals have a lot to do with what evolves, whether she’s serving up a
showy shuffle on “Hand to Hand” or parlaying an approach that mimics pure
cornball country on  the old standard “I
Forgot More.” The pair start out by referencing gutbucket blues via the initial
one-two stomach punch of “Goddamn Holy Roll” and “They Say,” thereby casting a
dark pall over expectations for what will follow. Yet, by the time they’re four
songs in, the turgid tomes are displaced by the twang of pure honky-tonk. They
eventually return to their swampy shuffles and bottleneck guitars but not
before establishing themselves as revisionists and revivalists equally content
to also mine their own muse.


DOWNLOAD: “I Forgot More,” “Hand to Hand” LEE

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