Hole – Nobody’s Daughter

January 01, 1970




There’s no need to dip into the catalog of shame (and hilarity, don’t kid
yourself) that is Courtney Love – until now. 
Whether you (or I) like it or not, her bleeding scab of a voice more
often than not made the stupid things she did tolerable. Obsessions with
celebrity, Billy Corgan, Etsy thrift wear, a solo career: I’ve seen worse than
what she’s done, trust me. Naming a band after that which you started with –
why does that bother you? It’s not as if she called her new band “Nirvana.”

However, the vulnerable wild child that exists on Nobody’s Daughter is
but a mask of the one that existed on Hole’s mega-mess (and classic) Live
Through This


The majority of the songs here are blithely overproduced
with most of its melodies un-memorable as if it (and Love) are caught in the
headlights of the ‘90s end with doe-eyed fear rather than ferocity. Yet, few
grouchy mod-rockers of 2010 had as much unsettling grace as did “Skinny Little
Bitch” when you first heard it. The too-many-cooks-in-the-production-room track
“Pacific Coast Highway”
portrays a self-aware brio (or is it Corgan’s brio? Linda Perry’s?) that’s hard
to hate. And “Someone Else’s Bed” – though it sounds like a throwback to her
pre-grunge-era’s start – sounds oddly right on a time when you consider Hollywood’s throwing money
at a Runaways movie.


I don’t love this record. But at least I’m more curious to
hear what Love’ll do next than I was after her 2004 trainwreck American’s Sweetheart, and before I heard Nobody’s Daughter.


Standout Tracks: “Skinny
Little Bitch” “Someone Else’s Bed” “Pacific
Coast Highway” A.D. AMOROSI



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