HIGHASAKITE – In and Out of Weeks

Album: In and Out of Weeks

Artist: Highasakite

Label: Propeller

Release Date: May 05, 2013




 An organic, catchy and buoyant release filled with several layers to provide a substantial sound, In and Out of Weeks is a sampling of what this new Norwegian band has to offer. Expanding from a trio to a quartet, Highasakite released their folk-rock full length debut, All That Floats Will Rain, in Norway in 2012; with just five songs to offer we international listeners, Weeks is over far too soon.

 A blend of several genres, Highasakite mixes folk, acoustica, and electronica to create a mellow yet upbeat atmosphere. In addition to the captivating music Weeks is capped by the great melodies of Ingrid Håvik; her effortless, alto vocals adds yet another ethereal note to the album. Opening with the heavy drumming and organs of a song titled “Son of a Bitch,” one does not expect such a cheerful disposition; especially as Håvik croons “hold my hair as I vomit,” somehow she manages to makes it all sound blissful.  “Indian Summer” ends on a high spirited note as the song escalates with Håvik chanting “I’m a wild willow…for a while” on top of rolling acoustic guitar, drums and loopy effects.

 The title track proves the most sublime as strings, a harp and clashing metallic percussion accent the chorus. A preview into the talent this young band possesses, In and Out of Weeks warrants for the quick release of Highasakite’s full length.

 DOWNLOAD: “Indian Summer,” “In and Out of Weeks”



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