High Tension Wires – Welcome New Machine

January 01, 1970





I’ve never been
to Denton, TX and probably couldn’t locate it on a map
without help but it sure seems like an awful lot of good bands call the place
home. One is the High Tension Wires. This is their third record so you may have
heard their name bandied about or maybe the band they crawled out of, the
Marked Men. The band started as a Marked Men side project with 3 of that band’s
4 members calling membership. Now only Mark Ryan from the M.M. is in the band
but he is joined by a Riverboat Gambler (Mike Wiebe), one from The Red (Chris
Pulliam) and plus Dan and Greg from The Bad Sports (also just signed to
Dirtnap). If it sounds like a lot of fun it’s because  it is.


First cut “Get
Weird” could be a blood brother cut to (former Dirtnap band The Briefs) “Poor
and Weird” while on “Incorporeal” they start really kicking up some dust where
the guitars sound more whoah-whoah-ish than the vocals. “Backbone” has some of
that purring lawnmower guitar while “Temporary Gods” starts with a riff lifted
from The Clash’s “White Riot” but then gets all jittery and then, finally
lapses into pure spazzy melody.  Other
cuts that will make you stand at attention include the chaotic “Lose Your
Grip”,  the jagged “The Universal
People’s Church’ and the awesomely named “Dirt, Fist Feet.” It seems like no
matter what bands these Marked Men guys are in it’s pure gold (check out The
Mind Spiders, too).


As the fat dude
at my gym who likes to bet on sports says,
it’s a lock


DOWNLOAD:  “Incorporeal”,
“Temporary Gods”, “Lose Your Grip”, “Dirt, Fist Feet”, TIM HINELY




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