Hickoids – The Hairy Chafin’ EP

January 01, 1970

(Saustex Media)





The delightfully lewd, crude and
lascivious Hickoids have returned from the corn crib of oblivion with their
first release since 1989’s Waltz-A-Cross-Dress-Texas album. These perverse purveyors of cow-punk poon-twang, have whipped up five
saucy tunes for the EP, a limited edition preview of upcoming album, Hairy Chafin’ Ape Suit. Original members
Jeff Smith and Davey Jones have rounded out their sound with the addition of
keyboards and a pedal steel, providing an aged-whiskey mellowness and maturity
to their sadder, Budweiser sound.


The accordion-driven “Cool
Arrow” is a tip of the dusty Stetson to regional Tex-Mex conjunto waltz music, enlivened with an infusion of punk. “The Workingman’s
Friend” follows a race to beat a hovering-near-empty gas gauge by way of a
dubious “shortcut” to the petrol pumps. “Side By Side Doublewides” solves the problem of cohabitating and
maintaining some privacy in the golden years, offering “maximum pleasure with
minimum pain. We can be together and not go insane.” The 18 minute EP is
rounded out with the full-gallop beat of “The Best Liquor Store” (“He’s got the
best liquor store for window shoppin’, always got my eye’s a poppin”), and
culminating with the drunken-lurch lament of “The Talking Hot Pants Blues”.


And, saving the best for last,
is the album art. A faithfully reproduced parody of Warhol’s famous Velvet
Underground cover, banana sticker and all. Peel slowly – or as the sleeve
advises, “unzip here” – to reveal what’s hidden beneath! Available exclusively
from the band and label websites.


Standout Tracks: “Cool Arrow”, “Side By Side Doublewides” BARRY ST.


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