Album: Imaginary Enemies

Artist: Hiccup

Label: Father/Daughter

Release Date: March 24, 2017



The Upshot: Girls rule, yes they do—and in the strongest estrogen-powered punk style.


Hiccup, out of Brooklyn, plays abrasive punk with fizzy grace and tight harmonies. The band is two-thirds women – Hallie Bulleit does most of the singing and plays bass, while PIyal Basu drums and Alex Chute sings and plays guitar. All that estrogen makes comparisons to distaff pop-punkers like the Muffs and the Fastbacks inevitable, especially on hard-charging cuts like “Lady MacBeth and Miss Havisham,” with its rip-cut guitar riffs and sugary-sweet “well, well, oh-well, well” chorus (Corin Tucker-worthy vibrating “ohs” here).

Of course, guys do these things too, and links to bands like the Ramones and Mr. T Experience are equally valid — but not the whole story. “Teasin’” balances blustery banging with gleeful hooks, a roar of feedback sheathing euphoric shouts and croons, Basu’s drum beat rocketing off the skins, both arms extended. Later, on “Tides” the racket subsides and Hiccup sounds more like effervescent, upper registered Palomar than anyone else.   A couple of Chute-led cuts (early single “Dad Jokes” and “Enemies of Friends”) take the tension down a notch and land the band squarely in indie-rock territory (think Pants Yell). Still Hiccup works the best when it sounds like the Powerpuff Girls might swoop in momentarily. Girls rule, yes they do.

DOWNLOAD: “Teasin’” “Tides”

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