HE’S MY BROTHER SHE’S MY SISTER – Nobody Dances in This Town

Album: Nobody Dances in This Town

Artist: He's My Brother She's My Sister

Label: Park the Van

Release Date: March 05, 2013

He's My Brother


  Tap dancing drummer – that pretty much says it all. And yes, she’s listed that way in the album credits.

LA’s freak folk pop band He’s My Brother She’s My Sister, formed just a couple of years ago by actual brother/sister combo Rachel and Rob Kolar (name is slightly less dreadful now isn’t it?) definitely play up the quirkiness, complete with top hats and plaid pants, on their debut. But much like the brilliant San Fran neo hippies Jellyfish in the ‘90s, looks can be deceiving, especially when you have an album’s worth of decent songs to back you up. And despite a so-so start on their debut full length, they do.

 The group quickly catches on by the solidly up-temp third track (“Let’s Go”). By the time they hit the phenomenally infectious “Slow it Down,” a foot stomping, head-nodding, groove-heavy track so perfect it could have easily come off the first Black Crows’ album –you can’t help but be sold on the fact that this band is destined for big things.

 Tap dancing percussionists aside, Nobody Dances in Town is reason enough to not let preconceived notions dictate your taste in music (unless you’re considering a CD by a realty show winner. Those cynical biases are always right).

 DOWNLOAD: “Let’s Go,” “The Same Old Ground” and “Slow it Down  —JOHN B. MOORE

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  1. gino50

    … a bit too harsh with only 2 out of 5 stars, aren’t you? In particular is they’re destined for big things….. in my book, there isn’t a bad song on the album.. all catchy melodies and solid lyrics.. and that’s what good songs should be…. 🙂

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