Herpes – Symptome Und Beschwerden

January 01, 1970





OK, they hail
from Berlin, Germany, the singer rants at times
like Mark E. Smiths and you really want to tell him to shut the hell up (or
punch in the face) and the name of the band is Herpes for godsakes. They’re going for something here though I’m
not sure exactly what and, well, I have to admit, the first time I played this
I wanted to toss it out the window while hittin’ 60 on the freeway. I nearly
did. And besides, I can’t understand what the hell he’s saying anyway (I slept
through German class).


Upon further
listens some of the stuff is, dare I say, infectious (though it gets a bit
samey at times). Said vocalist, Florian Puhs (he used to be in a band called
Surf Nazis Must Die) is a motormouth who never shuts up while the band cranks
out a rabid, jerky, early-Devo-meets-Gang of Four backdrop. Cuts like “Das
Leben Ist Schnell” “Das Karnickel Im Hut”, “Zaster” and “Ruckzuck” go straight
for the jugular and jackhammer away until your senses are shot, your mind
pummeled and a stiff drink is what you really need (they’ve done their job).


So yeah, I took
a liking to the songs and Florian’s vocals, but I still never want to meet the


“Das Allerletzte Zu Erst”, “Das Karnickel Im Hut”, “Zaster”, “Verflucht”


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