THE HEROIC ENTHUSIASTS – The Heroic Enthusiasts

Album: The Heroic Enthusiasts

Artist: Heroic Enthusiasts

Label: Bodan Kuma Recordings

Release Date: October 20, 2017

The Upshot: Rochester’s pride goes atmosphere-draped darkwave.


The Heroic Enthusiasts are likely the most UK-sounding band to call Rochester, NY home. On their self-titled debut LP, the band manages to bring to mind everyone from The Psychedelic Furs to the Cocteau Twins, across 10 moody, but satisfyingly solid post-punk tracks.

The synth-heavy sound is thanks to veterans from a slew darkwave and indie rock bands like Eleven Pond, Bullseye and Longwave. This full length follows on the heels of two well-received EPs and goes deeper into the band’s dark atmospheric sound. Songs like “Dunes” and the hook-filled “Detachment” are among some of their best so far. There are some weak spots throughout, but not enough to dwell on.

Impressively, the record was self-producer and mixed by Mercury Rev’s Anthony Molina. With a sound rooted in the early ‘80s, The Heroic Enthusiasts sound like nothing coming out of the U.S. music scene at the moment and that’s far from a bad thing


DOWNLOAD: “Dunes,” “Detachment” and “New York Made Me”

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