Heroes Of The Open End – This Is Right Now EP

January 01, 1970





Straight outta Jersey and proud of it – they’ve even got a
bandanna-clad drummer – is Heroes Of The Open End, comprising vocalist/guitarist
Mike Baglivi, guitarist R.E.L., bassist Will Brender and the aforementioned
skinsman Nicky Ferrell. On their debut EP the purveyance is rawk en roll, of the drivin’ sister,
all-the-way-from-Memphis brand.


With Baglivi’s deep-lunged vox, an agile cross between The
National’s Matt Berninger and Modern English’s Robbie Grey (as filtered through
the classic rock era), leading the charge, the band waxes unapologetically
anthemic. The proggy “NY Afterparty,” in particular, is wordy and witty, spiked
by jagged leads and atmospheric keys for textural gravitas. Meanwhile, “The
Inevitable Movement” is a slow-burner par
, revving up through a succession of power chords and soaring
backing vocals to one final glorious starburst of noise and an afterglow-like


Wham-bam, thank YOU, maa’am.


Inevitable Movement” FRED MILLS

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