Album: In My Flat

Artist: Hermit Crabs

Label: Matinee

Release Date: November 20, 2015

Crabs 11-20


I’ve noticed a slow down in the past year or so of the output at Matinee Recordings, the Southern, California-based indie pop label that has been among the best for the past few decades. Owner Jimmy Tassos is busy with family these days but still has an ear for talent (and he also takes on bands for several records, not just one release and they’re gone). This UK (Scotland) trio , led by Melanie Whittle (former drummer for California Snow Story) , specialize in real low-key indie pop that has occasional country music flourishes.

This record was recorded in……Boise, Idaho (??!!) but you’d never know it as Whittle, along with multi-instrumentalist Jeremy Jensen and drummer, “One Take Jake” Hite (both from the Idaho band The Very Most….hence where they recorded) crank out eight songs that breeze by almost too non-chalantly on the first few plays but kept at it and songs really started sticking like the stuttering “Stuart Murray”, the country-inflected (pedal steel and all) “Should I Drop You Off” , the mostly acoustic “Tracey Emin’s Bed” (which opens with the line, “In my flat, beetles are on their backs, I’m on my back in…..Tracy Emin’s bed.) and a few others.

There’s always a spot in my collection for low-key, well written pop music. This fits right in.

DOWNLOAD: “Stuart Murray,” “Tracey Emin’s Bed,” “Should I Drop You Off”



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