Album: Cryptic

Artist: Here Come the Mummies

Label: Sphinxter

Release Date: May 14, 2013



 Cryptic is the sixth album from Here Come The Mummies, a twelve person funk and R&B band out of Nashville, known for appearing on stage in full mummy attire. Supposedly their costumes serve to hide the identity of several Grammy nominees who are members of the band (but need to perform incognito because of contract obligations). [Ed. note: the band should not be confused with legendary garage/punk band The Mummies, who also rocked out while wrapped mummy cloth; we contacted HCTM via Twitter messaging and asked if they acknowledged the earlier band’s work, and to their credit they did, replying,” @BlurtMagazine Of course we acknowledge them. We were all shot from the same hole.” Fair enough!]

 Luckily the annoying shtick of recording for Sphinxter Records and calling themselves by silly names (like Mummy Cass and Eddie Mummy) don’t get in the way of the music. The Mummies are one bad-ass band, a hybrid of Idris Muhammad, George Clinton, Ohio Players and Earth, Wind & Fire.

 “You Know The Drill” is classic R&B, a horn-drenched piece of funk that would sound perfect between “We Got The Funk” and “Turn Thus Mutha Out.” “Chaperone” is the kind of song Prince would have recorded if he had hung around with members of Toto and The Tubes. (Yeah, like those three bands would ever been in the same room together.) The Mummy’s take a stab at reggae with “Cruel Old Sun,” do the hand-clap disco thing with “Petting Zoo” and try on a ballad with the smoothly groovy “Never Grow Old” (which is a funny sentiment coming from a mummy).

 There’s absolutely nothing earth-shattering here: every line and lyric is taken from someone else’s songbook (and, in some cases, has been done better elsewhere). But that doesn’t stop this being a fun party record from a band worth getting “wrapped up” in.

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