Henry Clay People – Twenty-Five for the Rest of Our Lives

January 01, 1970

(TBD Records)




Finally on a proper label (LA’s TBD Records),
The Henry Clay People are clearly making up for lost time. Having already self-released
a few efforts as well as put out some songs on a smaller label, since signing
to TBD in 2010 they have already added three more records to their cannon. Twenty-five for the Rest of Our Lives,
their latest, is by far their best to date.


Falling somewhere in a category between punk
rock and indie pop, songs like the title track and Replacements-ish “Backseat
of a Cab”, showcase their knack for capturing
catchy-as-hell bratty choruses paired with frenetic bursts of distorted guitar.
And just when you think you have them figured out, they switch to a mellower
vibe on a song like “Friends Are Forgiving.” 


Twenty-Five for the Rest of Our Lives finds songwriting brothers Joey
and Andy Siara indulging gleefully in their influences, everyone from The
Descendents to The Pixies, and man is it a nice mix. The band has spent the past two years adding several zeros
to the van odometer on treks with Against Me!, Drive By Truckers and  Silver Sun Pick Ups, road -testing this
collection of songs. The result is a tight set that hasn’t lost any of the


Band We Ever Love,” “Backseat of a Cab” and “Friends Are Forgiving ”  JOHN B. MOORE


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