Henry Clay People – Somewhere On the Golden Coast

January 01, 1970





Pointing out a movement in popular music is, at best, a spurious
proposition, if not an unrewarding one. But it’s heartening to see the wave of
young bands (the Hold Steady, the Gaslight Anthem, Lucero, etc.) championing
the virtues of basic rock ‘n’ roll, with smart, passionate, often funny lyrics,
enough chords to get the job done and a hellbent-for-leather spirit that isn’t
afraid to simply rock the fuck out.


The Henry Clay People are definitely in with the in-crowd,
as demonstrated by their third record Somewhere
On the Gold Coas
t. Owing equal debts to punk, hard rock and quirky indie
rock, the L.A.-based quartet twists traditionalist rock melodies loosely around
its callused fingers, letting riffs and hooks hit as hard or slide as slippery
as they need to. Singer Joey Siara’s ragged-but-right yawp strips the boiling
arrangements of any potential bombast, letting the air out of what could be
some overheated tracks. The HCP may not be the most original band to come
around the block, but the combination of talent and commitment makes these guys
as worth hearing as any of their equally heart-on-sleeve, bullshit-free


Standout tracks: “Slow
Burn,” “Digital Kid,” “This Ain’t a Scene” MICHAEL TOLAND


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