HEAVEN – Telepathic Love

Album: Telepathic Love

Artist: Heaven

Label: Goodnight Records

Release Date: July 02, 2013




 “Brooklyn indie band” has pretty much become shorthand for overly trendy, and soon to be forgotten. It’s refreshing then to hear a band from that geographical region that actually has influences that date back further than Arcade Fire and MGMT.

 Heaven (I know, I couldn’t believe no one else had already trademarked that name either) plays a brand of swirling guitar dream pop that calls to mind everyone from the Psychedelic Furs and  Gene Loves Jezebel to reverb-heavy bands like Jesus & Mary Chain. 

 Formed in 2010 by Matt Sumrow, from the brilliant but underrated band The Comas, and Mikey Jones, from Swervedriver and Snowden, Heaven took their time working on this debut. The result is a mostly impressive set of nine tracks, although by the time you get halfway in some of the songs start to sound a tad repetitive. Telepathic Love, though, is a solid start from a band with a great pedigree that will hopefully evolve with the next effort.

 DOWNLOAD: “Colors in the White of Your Eyes” and ‘Mountains Move”


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