Heartworm, by Ben Vendetta

Title: Heartworm

Author: Ben Vendetta

Publisher: Cooperative Press

Publication Date: October 13, 2015


Ben Vendetta 10-13


Vendetta has been around the indie scene for years writing for both Jack Rabid’s Big Takeover zine as well as his own Vendetta zine that he self-published in the 90’s early 00’s. A few years ago Vendetta went to book form and published his first novel Wivenhoe Park about the exploits of Drew, an American with a thirst for wine, women and song (babes, booze and drugs?) while tromping through the UK.

In this, the second installment our hero Drew is still obsessed with all of the above but this time, his marriage to an Irish gal named Claire has crumpled and he finds himself back in Boston, house sitting for his brother who is on sabbatical. There he falls in love with an American girl named Emily, but she has a boyfriend (not that that ever stopped Drew before). She sees a reckless renegade in Drew but stability in her boyfriend and just when you think she is ready to leave her boyfriend she….(well, I don’t wanna spoil the whole book for you). Drew then hears some tragic news about Claire so he hops a place to Belfast find his wife clinging to life (they still never actually got divorced) and he needs to be there for her. In between all of this ocean hopping Drew is catching as many gigs as possible by his new favorite band, Irish cult heroes Whipping Boy (the title of the book is the name of a W.B. song).

In Heartworm Vendetta has done another terrific job of keeping readers eyes glued to the pages. It was a real page turner that I honestly had a hard time putting down (it didn’t hurt that plenty o’ cool bands were mentioned on nearly every page) so this book will appeal to music geeks like myself as well as folks who like a good love story.

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