Headhunters – Platinum

January 01, 1970





eight years after the first of several legendary collaborations w/Herbie
Hancock, Headhunters founder Bill Summers, long-time partner Mike Clark and a
wide cast of collaborators are back with Platinum, a supremely funky, thoroughly
satisfying collection of twelve tracks and eight shorter, between song


 Platinum perfectly synthesizes
jazz, funk and hip hop in a genre-negating series of workouts that features a
grab-bag of guests sitting in, including Snoop Dog, Killah Priest, George
Clinton, Patrice Rushen and Hancock-era sax man Bennie Maupin. Everyone steps
up and delivers here, with Mike Clark’s drums and Bill Summers’ percussion
aided and abetted by Richie Goods’ bass, Rob Dixon’s sax and keys, Gary
Mielke’s bass and keys, Donald Harrison’s sax, Derrick Gardiner’s trumpet, all
laying the groundwork for bunch of ringer rappers, vocalists and sundry
players. Snoop Dog, Jaecyn Bayne, Killah Priest and George Clinton funk up a
killer groove on “D-Funk,” Bayne does the same on “Mission Statement,” and
Private Pile brings some righteous lyrical grunge to “Skizness.” “Apple Tree,”
“Palm Nut” and a shout-out to the JBs legendary trombone master Fred Wesley,
“Paging Mr. Wesley,” brings more funk, while numbers like “M Trane,” “Tracie”
and the Weather Report-esque “Soul Glow” pump up the jazz. “Salamander” and
“Skizness,” with their Moog bass rolling underneath, hearken back to the Headhunters
of the Hancock era. 


Clark and Summers’ clean, deep
and wide production perfectly captures all the creative multi-tasking going on
here, and the whole thing start to finish is a great example of how some cats
with some years on them remain perfectly locked into the music of NOW. Young-uns
take note: here’s a template for relevant longevity. 


DOWNLOAD: “D-Funk,” “Paging Mr.
Wesley,” “Palm Nut,” “Skizness.” CARL HANNI

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