Album: Signs of Light

Artist: The Head and the Heart

Label: Warner Bros.

Release Date: September 09, 2016


The Upshot: The erstwhile Sub Pop band imparts a dual sense of resilience and delight.


In their brief history, The Head and the Heart have rapidly ascended to the highest realms of the new alt rock hierarchy. It’s a status they richly deserve, not because of any hype or happenstance,  but because they create a sound so exuberant, so exhilarating, that the instant impression it creates in the listener thrusts it forward and makes the music impossible to ignore.

Signs of Light is not only a terrific album, it’s one that creates an unshakeable impression immediately at the outset, a series of songs that stir the senses and soothe them at the same time. They do so in different ways, whether its the allure of opening track “All We Ever Knew,” the zest of the offering that follows, “City of Angels,” the supple yet soaring designs of “False Alarm” or the heartfelt desire of “Dreamer.” Certain songs bring an unlikely comparison — to the Moody Blues in fact — thanks to the lush harmonies and upward tilt that act in unison for inspirational purposes. Even so, such a common comparison almost seems to negate the art and accomplishment this band’s able to muster. “Making music is what we do,” they sing on “Library Magic,” and that simple truth is eminently evident throughout.

Stated, Signs of Light fulfils the aim the band’s handle appears to indicate. This is after all, music that connects with the head and the heart, and imparts a dual sense of resilience and delight in its wake.

DOWNLOAD: “All We Ever Knew,” “False Alarm,” “City of Angels”


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