HAYLEY REARDON – Wayfindings

Album: Wayfindings

Artist: Hayley Reardon

Label: Kingswood

Release Date: May 20, 2014

Hayley Reardon



Following on the heels of her unjustly overlooked debut, 17 year old Hayley Reardon wisely presses ahead with a seven song EP that strips away the embellishments while further defining the world weary sound that belies her obvious youth. And although songs such “Nervous” and “Folded Maps” emphasize her fragile, threadbare trappings, they also affirm the fact that even at her tender age, Reardon already comes across as a knowing troubadour who relishes her roots with obvious zeal.

Two of these tracks actually reference Dylan in their lyrics, a sure sign she bears all the appropriate instincts. Likewise, a tender take on Taj Mahal’s loping “Fishing Blues” affirms the reverence she reserves for her folk forebears. Though modest to a certain degree, Wayfindings boasts a low-lit, shimmering sound that ensures instant appeal. Indeed, it’s impressive just how much Reardon’s quiet and contemplative musings can contribute to creating such a lingering impression. Wayfindings makes it clear that her stardom is all but assured.

DOWNLOAD: “Nervous,” “Fishing Blues,” “Folded Maps”


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