HAYDEN – Us Alone

Album: Us Alone

Artist: Hayden

Label: Arts & Crafts

Release Date: February 05, 2013




Hayden Desser, or Hayden as he’s known to his admirers, has had as low-cast a career as his unassuming songs would suggest. For the better part of the past 15 years, he’s pursued a singular muse, releasing an array of singles and EPs without regard for mainstream success. After disappearing entirely for a few years, he finally inked a deal with a real record label and upped the ante from his stripped-down soirees to more fully realized soundscapes. #Us Alone# is evidence that Hayden’s succeeded, at least in terms of creating songs that mesmerize through sheer depth and dimension.

 On the surface, the material may appear as unassuming as always – note the lowered gaze and dry delivery of “Motel,” the tenuous approach of “Instructions” and the offhanded attitude of “Just Give Me a Name” – but the affirmative backbeat and steady thump of tracks like “Blurry Nights” and “Rainy Saturday” suggest that Hayden’s capable of more than mere shoe gaze. Subtlety and finesse are the watchwords here, two elements that deliver artistic intrigue. Hayden tempts his listeners to probe well below the surface, wrapping his melodies in layers and textures too sumptuous to resist.

DOWNLOAD: “Motel,” “”Instructions,” “Blurry Nights”

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