Harvey Milk – A Small Turn of Human Kindness

January 01, 1970

(Hydra Head)




My Love
is Higher Than Your Assessment of What My Love Could Be
, the
1994 debut album from Harvey Milk – undoubtedly the heaviest, most
uncompromising band to ever emerge from the otherwise jangly and twee college
town of Athens, GA – is 66 minutes of pure, unreconstructed sludge metal as
noisy and lumbering as a brontosaurus sauntering across a crowded city street. So,
following the reading of an online post from a fan who chided the group’s
triumphant 2008 comeback album, Life…The
Best Game In Town
, as being too accessible, frontman/guitarist Creston
Spiers was so affected by this dig that he chose to bring Harvey Milk back to
their roots by crafting their loudest, slowest and most difficult album to


Taking its name from the opening track off their first
proper LP, A Small Turn of Human Kindness serves as a perfect bookend to My Love in every way. The six tracks that make up this 37-minute sonic avalanche play
out like apocalyptic concept album featuring near-black metal epics like “I
Just Want to Go Home” and “I Know This Is No Place for You” so bleak and brutal
in their delivery they make Cormac McCarthy’s The Road seem yellow-bricked by comparison. Fans of such newer Harvey material as Life… and their ZZ Top-copping 1997
classic The Pleaser might be taken
aback by the challenge of listening to A
Small Turn of Human Kindness
, but those who relish in the salad days of
these uncompromising Southern titans of experimental metal just might find it
to be their singular masterpiece.


As Christopher Weingarten put it in his review of this album
on 1000TimesYes, “This is what it
sounds like when slugs cry.”


“I Just Want to Go Home”, “I Know This is No Place for
You”, “I Did Not Call Out” RON HART



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