Harper Blynn – Loneliest Generation

January 01, 1970

(Baby Jackal Recordings)




There’s something so hauntingly familiar about Harper
Blynn that on first encounter it’s hard not to tally up the comparisons right
from the get go. A hint of Paul Simon, a little bit of Beatles, a dash of Cat
Stevens and a power pop delivery find them both radio-ready and immediately


They’re a disparate crew to be sure – their bio
describes them as a Jewish ball player from Chicago, a choir boy from Philly, a
first generation Indian living on Long Island and a native Dutchman — but
their chemistry clicks, making this auspicious debut sound like the product of
a band that’s been kicking around for awhile. 
“25 Years” charms with its shuffle and sway, “This Is It” provides a
buoyant vibe, and “Steal Your Love” and “Centrifugal Force” assert the
prerequisite pop designs. Still, it’s the gentle piano signature of the unlikely
“All the Noise” and the wistful reflection of “It May Be Late” that instill the
album’s charms. Happily then, Loneliest
boasts both old school attitude, as well as the craft to keep it


Standout Tracks: “25 Years,” “It may Be Too Late,” “Centrifugal Force” LEE ZIMMERMAN





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