Haroula Rose – So Easy

January 01, 1970





After a rapid ascent
based on her debut EP Someday and her first full-length These Open Roads, Haroula Rose seems in no great hurry to
wear out her welcome. Consequently, this new five-song EP So Easy does little to expand on her initial
imprint, one that was informed by a waif-like vocal which meekly surveys her
surroundings and then blends right in. It’s certainly pleasant enough and it
happily boasts its charms, especially evident the gentle sway of “Only Friends”
and the sweet and shimmery “All Ready Yours,” two excellent examples of Rose’s
winsome ways.


Likewise, a
breathless take on Jimmy Webb’s “Wichita Lineman” finds her trading the forlorn
resignation of Glen Campbell’s signature treatment for n unlikely expression of
optimism.  Of course, a song of that caliber
is bound to elevate any offering, if in fact it’s done right. And true to its
title, Rose not only does it justice, but makes it sound so easy as well.


DOWNLOAD: “All Ready Yours,” “Only Friends,”
“Wichita Lineman” LEE ZIMMERMAN

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