Harold Budd & Clive Wright – A Song For Lost Blossoms

January 01, 1970





garde composer Harold Budd refers to his instrumental pieces as “art
music,” a particularly apt description, since his spare sense of melody
and languid tempos somehow evoke sweeping natural landscapes as accurately as
any master painter. Anyone familiar with the work of Erik Satie and Claude
Debussy will have at least some frame of reference for Harold Budd.


no surprise that the 72-year-old Budd, who plays the haunting piano and
synthesizer passages here, has worked in the past with kindred ambient spirits
Brian Eno and the Cocteau Twins. The lovely guitar on Lost Blossoms, played by British ex-pat Clive Wright, might be news
to anyone who remembers his overcooked ’80s synth-pop outfit, Cock Robin. With
over 30 albums under his belt, including several since his premature 2004
“retirement,” Budd has found a real ally in Wright, also his neighbor
in Joshua Tree, Calif., on the edge of the breathtaking desert park/national
monument of the same name.


word of caution about this hypnotic music: It’s not advised for long drives in
the car, especially late at night. You may think California is a laid-back place, but the
Highway Patrol here will not take kindly to you improving your feng shui by
letting your chi flow to the point of nodding off behind the wheel.


Standout Tracks: “Pensive
Aphrodite,” “Blind Flowers” JUD COST





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