Handsome Furs – Sound Kapital

January 01, 1970

(Sub Pop)




Wolf Parade may continue to be on indefinite hiatus. But
pack leader Dan Boeckner remains as busy as ever on his critically acclaimed
side project, Handsome Furs, with wife Alexei Perry.


Adorned by a cover featuring one of the most striking
instances of female nudity on a record jacket since the original artwork for
The Scorpions’ Lovedrive, Sound Kapital is the first album the
couple has recorded as Handsome Furs that was written exclusively on the
keyboard. The change-up proved to be the best thing to happen for the duo,
especially for Boeckner, a guitarist by trade whose embrace of the analog synth
helped open a whole new world of expression for him as a songwriter.


Shades of OMD and The Human League loom large on tracks like
“What About Us?” and “When I Get Back Home,” evoking mental
imagery of Annie Potts, Jon Cryer and Molly Ringwald commiserating at Trax, that
awesome looking record store in Pretty In
. Meanwhile, Boeckner and Perry’s time spent hunting down obscure
industrial 12-inches from Eastern Europe,
coupled with their unadorned affinities for the likes of KMFDM and Front 242,
can be made out on heavier tracks such as “Damage” and “No Feelings.”
Elsewhere, the pair’s experiences playing alongside some of the brightest
talent in Asia’s underground music movement
imbues “Repatriated” and “Cheap Music.”


Much of Sound Kapital was
written during the Canadians’ travels around the world, and it shows. From its
title, which gives a nod to China’s indie scene, to its globe-trotting jaunts
in Korea and Poland, it is quite possibly the coolest trip scrapbook a husband
and wife ever created together while marking a keen new direction that trumps
anything either member has been involved in to date. And yes, that means Wolf

DOWNLOAD: “When I Get Back
Home”, “Damage”, “Cheap Music” RON HART

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