Haley Bonar – Golder

January 01, 1970




South Dakota native Haley Bonar is one of those musicians
who makes the word “prodigy” seem something of an understatement. Following the
release of her first album at the tender age of 20, she’s since issued three
more, culminating in her best to date, the rich and robust Golder. The title is appropriate; Golder shimmers with an atmospheric radiance which takes her folk
finesse into more spectral domains. Even the most tender tunes — “Candy
Machine Gun” and “Anyway, Rattlesnake” — are elevated into regal realms more
akin to astral incantations than the meditative musings they seem at the start.
And while the Americana
tag never veers far from the surface, Bonar’s gravitas suggests she also wields
more intriguing ambitions.

Still, one gets the feeling early on that Bonar’s sometimes submerging herself
in a lot of busy distraction, and it’s not until later in the set that the
purity of her approach is laid bare. The rolling piano of “Daddy” and the
delicate pluck of “A Piano” are refreshingly unadorned, and together with the
catchy choruses of “Bad for You,” they reveal a purity and precision missing
from her overtly embellished offerings. At its essence, Bonar offers an intense
yet introspective effort, one which becomes all the more intriguing as a

DOWNLOAD: “Candy Machine Gun,” A Piano,” “Anyway, Rattlesnake” LEE

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