Hacienda – Shakedown

January 01, 1970

(Collective Sounds)




Mostly fueled by
unabashed enthusiasm, Hacienda’s sophomore set comes across as a celebratory
investment in pure rock indulgence. A true family affair — the San Antonio
Texas – based band includes brothers Rene, Jaime and Abraham Villanueva on
bass, drums and keyboards respectively, along with their cousin Dante Schweibel
playing guitar — they were given a nod by the Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach, who not
only produced this album as well as their last, but also invited them to back
him on his own solo outing.


Auerbach’s influence
resides in the new album’s outward thrust, but in truth,  Shakedown  is less about method and more about attitude.
Hacienda’s obvious admiration for basic rock ‘n’ roll tenants is obvious, given
the propulsive rhythms, the primal beats and the boisterous approach that
churns those rudimentary roots into something quite stirring. Given that
there’s little here to discern one track from another, any starting point is
feasible in order to get the feel of how the set list evolves. Still, those
looking for specific reference points would be best advised to needle drop
tunes like “Veronica,” “Let Me Go” and “You Just Don’t Know” for evidence that indeed,
this Hacienda is still shaking.


DOWNLOAD: “Veronica,” “Let Me Go,” “You Just

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