GWAR – Mr. Small’s Theatre 9/14/18, Millvale PA

Dates: September 14, 2018

Location: Mr. Small's Theatre, Millvale, Pennsylvania

The shock-rock legends were big, but Mr. Small’s – located just outside Pittsburgh – was big enough.


Pittsburgh is known for its steel, football team and craft beer, but there are also good music venues. Mr. Small’s Theatre is only one of them. The name may have the word small, but it is big enough for GWAR. The night began with the walk up the stairs into the theater, once inside one notices the dark venue filling up with people. There are black tarps covering some of the theater walls to protect from some of the fake blood. The crowd tonight is in for a giant treat, that is the show GWAR puts on itself.

If one has never experience a GWAR concert, then go to a concert at least once, add to the bucket list now. Attending tonight there are fans, the curious and then there are those who were brought by someone and have no idea who GWAR is. The fans are easy to spot in most cases, showing up in white t-shirts or some form of white clothing. This is due to wanting the spray of fake blood upon them. It is like a rite of passage or ritual. Then there is the curious who want to see what attending a GWAR concert is like, they want the experience and memory. Then there are those whose friends have an extra ticket, and these are the one’s who come and are in for a big surprise. Those who are not familiar with GWAR are usually scared once the band steps onto the stage.

A roar from the audience came with enthusiasm as the band enters the stage, this is what GWAR fans are, they are passionate and from all walks of life. The bands attire is the first thing that is noticed, either you love it or hate it, there is no in-between. GWAR comes with a backstory that is interesting and creative, they also have a comic book series. Their costumes are made of leather, armor, masks, fake blood, more fake blood, make-up and horns. GWAR is not from this Earth, they are from a far- away outer space. They were part of an elite fighting squad who served master because they were screw ups they were banished and sent to planet Earth. Basically, they were here and made human beings. Now remember this is all make believe, very creative and interesting.

During the show the crowd is squirted with fake blood, a lot of fake blood, as the band tells their story through their music. If you are a photographer, do not forget camera bags to cover camera, this is a warning. This show is fun, it is funny in some parts and gross in others. The band has been known to bring out mannequins of celebrities and kill them, this is of course all fake. There is a moment in tonight’s show where a beloved member of GWAR came out onto the stage and the audience was chanting ball-sack, this is the characters name. It was a moment that was incredible having a full theater yelling out ball-sack. The show continued and the fake blood squirted and poured onto the stage.

GWAR is a band that is not for everyone, but it is an experience. They are a music group who do know how to play their instruments very well. Can anyone imagine playing guitars, drums, and bass dressed in the costumes they wear?


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