GUY CLARK – My Favorite Picture of You

Album: My Favorite Picture of You

Artist: Guy Clark

Label: Dualtone

Release Date: July 23, 2013

Guy Clark


 It’s been four years since Guy Clark last put out an album, and man, it’s been a long four years. The latest from the 71-year-old country/folk singer proves the wait was worth it, though.

 Clark is one of those superb musicians who never really attained their proper due as performers, but saw many others go on to success singing the songs they wrote (I’ll throw Leon Russell and Townes Van Zandt on that list as well). All are highly influential, having launched the careers of hundreds of other musicians across the globe just through sheer inspiration. Decades into their own career, Clark and his peers still retain a strong, devout following, but have never really broken beyond cult status.

 My Favorite Picture of You finds Clark in a sentimental mood and with a voice just as powerful as it was when he first came on the scene in the mid-‘70s. Though there are some slow-burners on this record; songs that might not stick on the first or second go round, they are worth the patience once they finally click with the listener. There are other tracks, however, like the stunning title song that grabs you instantly. “Hell Bent on a Heartache” is another one.

 Screw Robin Thicke and Miley Cyrus. Sitting on the back deck with a Shiner Bock, Clark is my official go-to for summer anthems this year.     

 DOWNLOAD:  “My Favorite Picture of You,” “Hell Bent on Heartache” and “Rain in Durango”

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