GUN CLUB – Danse Kalinda Boom (Live at Pandora’s Box) LP

Album: Danse Kalinda Boom LP

Artist: Gun Club

Label: Bang!

Release Date: March 11, 2016

Gun Club

The Upshot: Special vinyl reissue of a live title that’s already seen repackaging, but a powerhouse performance well worth indulging if you don’t already own it.


Recorded in 1984 and released in 1985 this is a live Gun Club album that has been repackaged more than a few times, but apparently this is the first time on vinyl and Spain’s Bang! Records has done a nice job here (check out their site, they are reissuing a ton of stuff from Gun Club and many others).

Recorded in The Netherlands on 9/22/84, many folks over the years have bemoaned the poor sound quality of this one, but honestly it’s not too bad. Believe me, I’ve heard a lot worse.

The record, a vinyl reissue, features Pierce/Kid Congo/ Morrison/Graham lineup that was scorching both USA and Europe with some incendiary live gigs and this one is no different as Pierce sounds like a man possessed and Kid Congo’s guitar work is smoldering (rhythm section is on, too). Cuts like opener “Eternally is Here,” “Bad America,” “Goodbye Johnny” and closing cut “Give Up the Sun” all sound ace. If you’re a Gun Club completist you’ll wanna plunk down the dollars for this.

DOWNLOAD: “Eternally is Here,” “Bad America,” “Goodbye Johnny”





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