Growing – Pumps!

January 01, 1970



Upgrading back to a trio, Brooklyn’s premier drone unit makes the most of new
member Sadie Laska, a lady who certainly knows her way around a sampler. And
with Pumps!, Growing moves further
way from the propulsive noise of their earlier works and closer to the more
rhythmic end of their sound spectrum.


Now that Sadie is in the mix with
her arsenal of touch pads and rhythm machines, these folks come off more like a
basement party version of Liquid Liquid than the apocalyptic marriage of
Spacemen 3 and Earth that made their Kranky masterpieces so mesmerizing.
However, the folks in Growing wear the bugged-out broken boogie so well, even
the most scrutinizing drone snob would be a fool to mind. And with tracks with
names like “Short Circuit”, “Camera ‘84” and “Challenger”, there hasn’t been a
more twisted tribute to the 1980s since The


Standout Tracks: “Short Circuit”, “Massive Dropout”, “Camera ‘84”, “Mind Eraser” RON HART


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