Grizzly Bear – Veckatimest

January 01, 1970




Maybe it’s because they’re signed to a techno label or they
know how to mine sweet harmonies but this Brooklyn
quartet remains media darlings.  Most of
all, it’s easy to see why when you give them a listen- the layered, lilting
music and soaring voices (think mid-60’s Beach Boys) are just so damn likable.
Since they keep their winning formula going on this third album, there’s little
chance of falling out with their admirers, even as they expand their sound
since 2006’s Yellow House


Though the lush, bouncy “Two Weeks” could be
straight off of Pet Sounds, they also
add in low-key dance rhythms (“Cheerleader”), gospel chants
(“Dory”), tense, twangy surf/new wave guitars (“Ready,
Able”), dub-like echoes (“About Face”) and art-rock fantasies
(“I Live With You”). But even with the embellishments, it’s still the
sweet voice and folkie melodies that carry their tunes.  And hey, why mess with a good thing?


Standout Tracks: “Fine
For Now,” “Dory” JASON GROSS


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