GREYHOUNDS – Accumulator

Album: Accumulator

Artist: Greyhounds

Label: Ardent Music

Release Date: April 08, 2014

Greyhounds 4-8


There’s something to be said for old school soul, what with the fact that lately most of the music that passes for R&B has been usurped by rap, hip hop and various commercial hybrids designed to placate the masses. Likewise, there’s something to be said for a band that reveres those roots  but doesn’t exactly qualify as old school themselves.

Austin’s Greyhounds are one such outfit. Never mind they’re a pair of white guys with a hankering for R&B; that didn’t stop the home team at Stax, Muscle Shoals and Memphis, or — dare we say — even a bunch of Brits like the Average White Band from purveying the gritty soul sounds that was once so essential to the American music experience. Still, there’s no need for high-minded platitudes, because, by its very nature, Accumulator is an unassuming effort, one that relies on a smooth groove and a host of crisp mid-tempo melodies. “What’s On Your Mind,” “Soul Navigator” and “You’re Gone” bear the trappings of another era, a sound steered mostly by emotion, without garish trappings or egocentric indulgence. That said, it could cause them to slip beneath the radar without getting due notice. Hopefully though, like the breed whose name they borrow, these Greyhounds are in it for the long run.

DOWNLOAD: “What’s On Your Mind,” “Soul Navigator,” “You’re Gone”

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