Greg Laswell – Take A Bow

January 01, 1970



With three albums and three EPs accumulated thus far, Greg
Laswell has developed a signature sound that’s served him well, one that
emphasizes a hushed atmospheric ambiance that subtly drapes the music like an
early morning mist but leaves an emphatic impression nevertheless. Self
produced and performed almost entirely solo, Take A Bow furthers this motif, and yet, it finds a sharper focus
than any of his previous outings. The melodies resonate in ways that are both
haunting and heartfelt, finding minor key ballads, like “My Fight (For You)”
and “In Front Of Me” swelling from somber settings into grand crescendos.


As always, Laswell continues to find the divide between heartbreak
and desire, using the intimacy of his arrangements to elevate that aesthetic.
Yet, this go-round also allows some precious moments of optimism, as found in
“Take A Bow,” “Off I Go” and “Take Everything,” the latter emphasizing a
four-string tenor guitar and something akin to an effusive rhythm.  Consequently, the album title proves
prophetic, because now, more than ever, the kudos are definitely deserved. 


“My Fight (For You),” “In Front of Me,” “Take a Bow” LEE




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