Greg Humphreys – People You May Know

January 01, 1970

(Phrex Records


People You May Know may be the best set of late night standards released this year. Except for the
fact that these songs aren’t standards at all, but rather some very supple
originals. North Carolina native Greg Humphreys has undergone several musical
transformations over the years, from the modest countrified pop musings
proffered by his first band, Dillon Fence, to the rarified funk of his previous
outfit Hobex. Yet this new, all-so-mellow solo collection not only finds
Humphreys in a reflective state but dabbling in a more sophisticated style as


There’s an unerring familiarity found in all these tunes,
from the jaunty jazz motif of the swinging “Only One of Me” — a tune
tailor-made for a crooner like Michael Buble — to the smoky barroom ballad “Must
Be the Moon” and the folkie-sounding “Low and Meddlesome Sound,” which
seemingly plucks its melody from Simon and Garfunkel’s take on “Scarborough
Fair.” The rest of the tunes boast an easy-listening veneer, with tracks like
“Oo La La (I Love You)” and “The Passionate Shepherd” showing off Humphrey’s
breezy guitar strum and his casual way with melancholy melodies.


An unassuming set of songs overall – the quiet yearning of
the supremely soulful “Comin’ Home Soon” offers a prime example of how Humphreys
accomplishes more with less — People You
May Know
is like the return embrace from a long-lost lover, one who’s calm and
comforting, and yet sensuous and seductive.

DOWNLOAD: “Only One of Me,” “Must Be
the Moon,” “Comin’ Home Soon” LEE ZIMMERMAN

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