Album: Bohemia

Artist: Greg Humphreys

Label: Phrex

Release Date: May 07, 2013

Greg Humphreys May 7


Greg Humphreys came close to achieving national prominence when he helmed North Carolina’s power pop combo Dillon Fence, prior to turning his attention to a more R&B influenced sound with Hobex, who went on to release five albums over the course of 12 years. However, with those affiliations behind him, he’s now free to explore his own muse and tackle whatever sounds strike his fancy. Consequently, it’s not surprising to find him initiating the proceedings by singing in a soulful falsetto and backed by cooing gospel harmonies on “Someday, I’ll have My Due.”  Or delving into a casual ukulele sing-along with “Sweet LaRue.”  Or tapping tradition with the genial folk tune “Railroad Bill.”

On the whole, Humphreys couples his old school Americana with an affable attitude. The gentle caress of “Sayin’ What You Mean” and the quiet sway of “Shelby, I Told You” recall the rustic and rootsy feel of a serene backwoods habitat. The tangled mesh of guitars that define “Jubble On, Jubbly” brings to mind more of a swampier sound.  Even so, Humphreys remains blissfully unencumbered, his blithe and breezy melodies sustaining a willowy caress throughout.

Ultimately, Bohemia seems to live up to its title, given its nonchalant attitude and unassuming demeanor. It’s a sensual sound, a momentary retreat to a place in the pines.

DOWNLOAD: “Shelby, I Told You,” “Someday, I’ll have My Due,” “Railroad Bill”

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