Great American Taxi – Reckless Habits

January 01, 1970



The Great
American Taxi somehow manages to shift gears repeatedly as it travels from the
Mississippi Delta to the Colorado Rockies, with the whole of the heartland
sprawling in-between. First formed five years ago by singer, guitarist and
mandolin player Vince Herman, late of Leftover Salmon, and vocalist and
keyboard player Chad Staehly following an all-star jam, Great American Taxi now
find themselves reaping the rewards of an ever-increasing populist following.


A jam band at
their essence, their sophomore set mines a wide array of unmistakable
influences, from the riverboat revelry of “One of These Days” and its crosspollination
of Little Feat and Dr. John, to the Deadhead euphoria of “New Millennium Blues”
and the aptly-titled “American Beauty,” with the communal feel of the Band
ringing through the weary “New Madrid.” In fact, the album plays out as a
veritable name-check of likely influences as the record winds on, with Randy
Newman, the New Riders, the Byrds and the Allman Brothers all vying for ready
references. A giddy combination of boogie, blues, bluegrass, nu-grass and
honky-tonk, it’s as  readily infectious
and genuinely freewheeling as its eclectic content might imply.  Hopefully this Great American Taxi will
continue to take listeners along for similarly spirited rides in the


Standout Tracks: “One of These Days,” “American Beauty,” “New





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