Gossip – Music For Men

January 01, 1970





Someone needs to reset the fire beneath the
Gossip’s feet. The burnt-edge riffs are gone; Beth Ditto’s crazed,
near-evangelical wails are subdued into some kind of K-Mart, Soul Basics range;
we’re left with 11 disco remixes of Franz Ferdinand songs, or… choose your


The trio seem to have been scared into
copying their Standing in the Way of
formula (bouncing bassline, bumper-sticker lyrics and driving
metronomic drums) while polishing any charming roughness away, smiling up
obediently at the new major record label. Okay, that’s a little bitter. There’s definitely still a pulse, what with the
electronic elements evident in songs like “Four Letter Word” and an all-round
newfound breadth of influence, clustering with piano, cowbell and X-Ray Spex sax.
Maybe that’s the sacrifice: playing with new genres means a normally boisterous
band are watching where they step, beat by beat.


But a reserved Gossip still makes for an
above-average record, and it’s not difficult to go pop/locking away from this
much analysis about nothing.


“Four Letter Word,” “Spare Me From The Mold”


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