Good Old War – Come Back As Rain

January 01, 1970

(Sargent House)


The Philly trio Good Old War has finally made the transition
from a group of kids running away from their Pop Punk past to being one of the
most underrated Indie Folk bands playing in the northeast.


And nowhere is that more evident than on Come Back As Rain, their third full
length and strongest collection by far. Two thirds of the band came out of the
group Days Away, one of the dozens of bands that got caught up in the record
label grab for all things Emo and Pop Punk about 10 years ago. And while they
were one of the stronger groups to come out of that genre, their singles never
foreshadowed their obvious strength for songwriting and harmonies that are
showcased beautifully on Come Back As


Though comprised of only three members, the band has an
expansive sound reminiscent of everyone from The Band to Buffalo Springfield.
The latest album starts out a bit slow with a couple of decent, but not
necessarily stand out tracks, but by the third song, the achingly beautiful
“Amazing Eyes,” Good Old War fires off a succession of one great
Folk/Bluegrass-tinged song after another ending with the optimistic, sun-drenched “Present For the End of the


I guess the kids will be alright after all.      


DOWNLOAD: “Amazing
Eyes,” “Better Weather” and “Can’t Go Home”   JOHN B. MOORE


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