Goo Goo Dolls – Something For the Rest of Us

January 01, 1970


(Warner Bros.)


darlings, Goo Goo Dolls have toned down their insurgent tendencies since
finding favoritism from the masses, but that doesn’t mean they’ve become
complacent. “Sweetest Lie,” the rollicking send-up that jumpstarts Something For the Rest of Us, offers
evidence of that. However, where their early albums tended to spout anguish and
veracity, these days, the band seems to be swept up in the anthemic pomp
championed by the likes of U2, Coldplay and other like-minded stadium-savvy


That may be a tough
proposition for the Goo Goos’ early fans to abide completely, especially those
who remember the nihilistic attitude the group fostered early on. But success
has a way of hemming frayed edges, and indeed, with a wealth of Top ten singles
and sales of over ten million albums to their credit, it would be foolish to
upset the proverbial cart now. Yet, three years after their last album and
nearly a decade since hitting their prime, it’s also not surprising that they
should jump on some current trends. As a result, songs like “As I Am,” “Nothing
Is Real,” “Notbroken,” “Soldier” and the title track churn on the anxiety of a
populace caught up in today’s difficult era, fraught with uncertainty and the
struggle for survival. Never mind the fact that wealthy rock stars don’t
necessarily feel that angst the way the rest of the populace does. And yet,
following the lead of other artists who claim to speak for the everyman with
fury and indignation, these darker tomes seem to ring true. Therefore, it
wouldn’t be surprising if  Something For the Rest of Us doesn’t
bring them a little something as well, especially in the form of another hit


DOWNLOAD: “Sweetest Lie,” “Nothing Is Real” LEE ZIMMERMAN

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