Gomez – A New Tide

January 01, 1970





On Gomez’ sixth studio effort, they haven’t changed the
model, just refined it and expanded on it, incorporating more influences than
ever. Utilizing nice push-pull, loud-soft dynamics, multiple lead voices, and balancing
delicate acoustic numbers (“Bone Tired,” “Other Plans”) with grinding electro
Kraut-funk (“Airstream Driver”) and lots of psychedelic rock coloring, it’s
impossible to pin Gomez into any genre box. But where some bands would get lost
in all these styles, Gomez retains cohesion with an experimental pop


While the compositions are adventurous and sonically
interesting, the warm choruses on tracks like “Natural Reaction” remind us what
radio hits should sound like. The calling card on A New Tide is power without overpowering (they leave that to the
live show); instead of beating you over the head they crack the door open and
let you walk around at your own pace.


Standout Tracks: “Win Park
Slope,” “Natural Reaction” AARON KAYCE


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