Golden Boys – Thee Electric Wolfman

January 01, 1970

(Daggerman /Alien Snatch Records) ;


While many are pissing and moaning about the recent
format changes on the withering Myspace social network, the question begs, how
much are you paying for it? So shut the fuck up, please. If it’s friends you
want, use Facebook. If you want to check out bands, that’s what Myspace is
great for. “Nuff said? I not only utilize it for that, but have discovered many
new bands from seeing who their Top Friends are. Sometimes you discover many
are inter-connected in their own karass of a mutual admiration society or
certain music genre. I’m pretty sure that I discovered The Golden Boys on The
Spider Bags friends list, a couple of years back. I’m noting this, as Wolfman is a combined effort involving
them, plus a small group of friends, and was recorded in three states. It’s
like when all the bands come out and do “May the Circle Jerk Be Unbroken”
together the end of a concert, or one celeb tells another, “Hey, lets keep in
touch and maybe do a project together some time, babe,” and in this case,
actually DO it.


 On this
fourth recording from the Austin sleaze-rockers, they engage the service of
Chapel Hill’s notorious Spider Bags with Dan McGee, Memphis rock legend Ross
Johnson and employ the very able Greg Ashley, of Gris Gris fame, to play as
well as produce the whole thing. A rather heady assembly of talent for a
project that might have been like herding cool cats. Ashley plays on seven of
the eleven tracks; The Spider Bags on four, with the closing number by Johnson
on vocals, who seems to be making it up as he goes along. The music swings from
the expected boozy garage rock, to boozy bluesy rock, to two very
Velvets/Lou-flavored tunes, “She Said It” and “Plainsman’s Lament.” “I’m Black
and White” spills over with organ, hyperventilated harmonica and guitars, in a
R&B-style mover and shaker. Bottleneck slide guitar is prominent on the
slow-paced rootsy-blues tune, “Old Man’s Coat” that reminded me a lot of
Blitzen Trapper. The only number both Ashley and the ‘Bags play on together is
“Goddamn I Love the Ocean,” which I strongly suspect was inspired by being
tipping a few too many Colt Malt Liquors on a beach somewhere…. “Goddamn it
buddy…you know I love you? Ya know that don’t cha?” One Spider Bags cover,
“Dish Towel,” is tossed in, and they play briskly on another about a dog, “Mr.
Dickles.”  The album title track,
“Electric Wolfman” is a down and dirty, growlin’ garage-blues number that gives
you a heads-up right from track one as what to expect.


Hopefully, this project will
inspire other bands to splice their combined musical DNA together into a whole
new organism. Not unlike a couple trying to conceive, the actual production is
the most enjoyable part. It is key, however, to start with good genetic stock
like the donors here-in have contributed to the creation.


DOWNLOAD: “She Said It”, “Mr. Dickles.”  BARRY ST. VITUS

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