Golden Bloom – March to the Drums EP

January 01, 1970

(The Sleepy


Shawn Fogel (who
basically is Golden Bloom) released a
terrific sleeper of a record in 2009 called Fan
the Flames
that seemingly came out of nowhere. Fogel wasn’t brand new to
the music industry as he had been in a few other combos, but it was the debut
for the G.B. and most of that record was absolutely fantastic. In comes this 6
song EP that is actually more like a 3 song EP since the first and last songs
are more like intros and outros and one of the other songs was a short one,


Of the three
songs left, two of them are very good and one is flat out great. On “Rhyme the
Reason” he snags the riff from The Kinks “Waterloo Sunset” but that’s okay as
Fogel makes it his own soup and it’s damn tasty. The next song, “You Go On (and
On),” is the great one as acoustic guitars and pianos/synths collide with
Fogel’s soaring vocals to equal one of the best pop tunes of the year. Oh,
wait, “We Have Grown” is damn close to it with majestic strings added to the
mix (and another intoxicating melody).


Enough of this
tease, Mr. Fogel, bring on the sophomore release.


“Rhyme the Reason,”  “You Go On
(and On),”  “We Have Grown” TIM HINELY

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