GOGOL BORDELLO – Pura Vida Conspiracy

Album: Pura Vida Conspiracy

Artist: Gogol Bordello

Label: ATO

Release Date: August 27, 2013

Gogol Bordello July 23



 Six albums on, the gypsy rock collective known as Gogol Bordello offer up their most inspired set yet, a rallying cry against complacency that urges its listeners to embrace the populism that they’ve always espoused. The title, Pura Vida Conspiracy — which translates from its Spanish slang as “pure life” – further affirms their universal, multicultural ethos, a template that creates its core from seemingly disparate Latin and eastern European elements. Yet, the ferocity in their delivery and the sheer sweep of their eager entreaties create an anthemic exposition, resulting in a series of songs that make it impossible to sit still.

 Opening track “We Rise Again” foreshadows what’s to come, a song that ignites a frenzy of ecstasy and exhortation before stampeding through the title’s thunderous refrain. Nearly every track that follows maintains this high velocity surge, although the gypsy strains of “Dig Deep Enough,” the sway and swagger of “The Other Side of Rainbow” and the accordion and strolling violins that stir “It is the Way You Name Your Ship” all add an exotic fascination that enhances the band’s world music mix. Even when they manage to subdue their outsized inclinations – as on the rambling drinking tune, “I Just Realized” – there’s enough rowdiness and revelry to keep the electricity flowing.

“I was born with singing heart,” they sing on “Malandrino,” and indeed there’s not a single moment on this album that doesn’t decidedly drive that point home.

 DOWNLOAD: “We Rise Again,” “”The Other Side of Rainbow,” “Dig Deep Enough”

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