God Bless Ozzy Osbourne

January 01, 1970

(Eagle Vision, 90





The Osbournes made Ozzy a joke. For ratings, MTV trampled
over his reputation as a heavy metal founding father and balls-out crazy rock
god, portraying him as a doddering old burnout shuffling about a gaudy mansion
ruled by his bulldog wife and bratty kids. Even if that was the reality,
sometimes the fantasy is better.


God Bless Ozzy Osbourne, produced by Jack Osbourne, does much to
celebrate the Ozzy we knew and loved, and get the fantasy back on track. It
also fills in a lot of blanks, allowing us to follow Ozzy’s arc and understand
who he is today. In interviews with relatives, Black Sabbath members and other
peers, we learn Ozzy may have become a criminal if not for music. His legendary
self-destructive behavior and tomfoolery-the latter providing belly laughs as
well grimaces during the film – were fueled by grief over losing his father and
Randy Rhoads, and being fired from Sabbath, as well as a lifetime of self-loathing.
He was an absentee father and, thanks to the booze and drugs, he sometimes an
abusive husband.


Who he is today,
reformed on all counts, is the product of intense introspection leading to a
cleaner lifestyle. It’s not very metal, seeing Ozzy do vocal exercises to a DVD, work out and pray – but knowing the whole
story is good for everyone. This is an Ozzy we can admire.


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