GOBLIN REBIRTH – Goblin Rebirth

Album: Goblin Rebirth

Artist: Goblin Rebirth

Label: Relapse

Release Date: June 30, 2015


Goblin 6-29


The Upshot: Italian proggers build upon their Goblin predecessor’s legend (e.g., “Suspiria”) via analog synth licks, jazzy rhythms and enigmatic atmosphere.


The twists and turns taken by the members of Italian prog rock outfit Goblin over its decades-long career would confuse Pete Frame – hit up Wikipedia for the story and keep a pen and paper handy. Goblin Rebirth is an outgrowth of the original band led by bassist/keyboardist Fabio Pignatelli and drummer Agostino Marangolo, both of whom also serve in the current incarnation of said original, as well as being the rhythm section during Goblin’s “classic” years in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s.

Got all that? That time period was when the band composed soundtracks for the films of Italian horror auteur Dario Argento, including the haunting Suspiria, still its most famous work. The work of Goblin Rebirth follows a similarly wordless course – loaded with analog synth licks, jazzy rhythms and enigmatic atmosphere, “Book of Skulls,” “Evil in the Machine” (which includes some vocoded mutterings) and the appropriately-titled “Dark Bolero” illuminate sweeping melodies that call to mind fantastic places, odd creatures and strange situations. Though aggressively imagistic, the riffs and melodies found here aren’t really soundtrack music – Goblin Rebirth is simply too active to serve as background for onscreen action.

DOWNLOAD: “Book of Skulls,” “Evil in the Machine,” “Dark Bolero”


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